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Trauma services offered in Porterville, Reedley and Visalia, CA

Trauma is the number one cause of death in patients under 46, and annually, it costs about $671 billion in health care costs and lost productivity. Traumas can happen at any time and to anyone regardless of race, gender, and economic status. No matter what type of serious injury you have, the team at Sequoia Institute for Surgical Services in Visalia, Porterville, and Reedley, California, provides immediate and expert treatment to trauma patients. If you’ve suffered a serious injury and need medical attention, call the nearest office or use the online booking tool today. 

Who is a trauma patient?

A trauma patient is anyone who suffers a serious or life-threatening injury due to, for example, an outside force, a car accident, playing sports, or a fall at work. 

Traumatic injuries can be external or internal, and only an in-depth examination and multiple tests can determine the full extent of your injury. 

Sequoia Institute for Surgical Services provides non-life-threatening emergency and post-trauma accident care to patients with acute musculoskeletal injuries. 

What are traumatic injuries?

Any accident that leads to a serious wound is a traumatic injury and needs medical attention. Traumatic injuries include broken bones, fractures, dislocated joints, severe sprains, or simply severe pain that won’t go away after an injury. 

Sequoia Institute for Surgical Services frequently treats patients who have injuries affecting their:

  • Hand, wrist, and fingers
  • Arm or elbow 
  • Clavicle
  • Knee (fractures and dislocations)

The workplace is one of the most common places for injuries, with one worker suffering an injury every seven seconds in America. Other common activities patients sustain injuries during include driving and playing sports. 

Your injury may result from an accident or because of repeated overuse. In either case, you need medical attention.

When should you see a trauma specialist?

Major injuries like car accidents need medical care right away. However, many patients suffer injuries with no obvious signs of trauma, like a stress fracture. 

Injuries like these are slow to develop symptoms but delaying your diagnosis can lead to complications in your healing process. 

If your symptoms don’t go away after rest and treatment at home, or if your condition affects your ability to do everyday activities, get immediate medical care at Sequoia Institute for Surgical Services. 

What is the treatment for traumatic injuries?

The team at Sequoia Institute for Surgical Services creates individualized treatment plans based on the kind of trauma you’ve experienced, as well as how severe your injury is and what stage of recovery you are in.

For example, if you suffer a traumatic bone injury, you may need emergency care services to help with the immediate threats posed by your injury. After that, Sequoia Institute for Surgical Services can help with post-trauma surgeries and long-term care that you may need. 

Your orthopaedic specialist creates an individualized recovery plan that addresses the physical and emotional aspects of your rehabilitation. Before recommending any procedures, the team performs X-rays or other imaging tests to get a complete picture of your injury and use it to plan your recovery. 

In addition to helping you with a speedy recovery, your provider may recommend physical therapy to address any chronic pain issues that have resulted from your injury. 

If you suffer a broken bone, you may be fitted with a cast or brace until the bone is fully healed. 

Once the cast is removed, a physical therapist works with you to strengthen the muscles that have deteriorated while you were immobile in your cast. Special exercises can also help restore joint mobility and overall flexibility. 

If you suffer a traumatic injury, call Sequoia Institute for Surgical Services or book an appointment online today.